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Christmas Food Health and Safety

Christmas Food Safety

The worst thing is having to cut your Christmas day short because someone has food poisoning. Knowing how to properly cook and store food this Christmas could save you a lengthy trip to A&E. Also consider how you are preparing food for parties and how long you should keep the left overs after.

Children can be First Aid Heroes!

Children can be First Aid Heroes!

This years World First Aid Day saw an outcry for all children to be taught first aid and to add it to the curriculum. This year the First Aid Responder of the Year was a child called Karen from Iceland who performed CPR on her mother who was having an epileptic seizure on a bus. With the right knowledge anyone can save a life, anywhere. Most of the time children save lives using first aid knowledge they have learnt from doing extra curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cubs and Rainbows. If every child was taught basic first aid it would increase awareness and the amount of lives saved dramatically.

what is the level 3 education and training course

What is the Level 3 Education and Training Course and is it for you?

Do you want to teaching adults? If so then you need to hold a Level 3 Education and Training Certificate to state that you understand teaching methods and how to teach effectively.  Without this qualification you won’t have the understanding of what makes a good lesson and course. To teach something effectively you need to have a knowledge of the subject area you are teaching along with teaching methods.

Centaur Training provide Safety Courses across the North West, Including a professional first aid course

Newsletter October 2016 Happy Halloween!

It’s the end of October and it’s Halloween! Hopefully you have already been to some parties and are going to have a fantastic night full of frights and fun. We’ve had a great time posting our Halloween safety tips and fun facts on Facebook and there’s still time to get involved in our Bonfire Night competition! Remember to stay safe at Bonfire Night and be aware of firework safety which we will be covering this next week on Facebook.