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Children can be First Aid Heroes!

This years World First Aid Day saw an outcry for all children to be taught first aid and to add it to the curriculum. This year the First Aid Responder of the Year was a child called Karen from Iceland who performed CPR on her mother who was having an epileptic seizure on a bus. With the right knowledge anyone can save a life, anywhere. Most of the time children save lives using first aid knowledge they have learnt from doing extra curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cubs and Rainbows. If every child was taught basic first aid it would increase awareness and the amount of lives saved dramatically.

Earlier this year 15 year old Connah saved a runners life when he collapsed on the Anglezarke Amble, with the first aid knowledge he knew from army cadets. Other people were attempting to help but Connah took over and provided CPR for 15-20 min while the ambulance arrived and set up defibrillators. The man survived thanks to Connah’s efforts. To read the full story click here. Louis (aged 10) saved his brothers life (Jake aged 3) after he swallowed a commemorative coin and started turning purple. Louis had received a lesson in first aid earlier that week at the local hospital and correctly provided back blows to his brother until he vomited the coin back up. Stories like this empahsise the need to teach #FirstAid skills to everyone no matter their age. Find out more here.

9 year old Kayne saved his mother from choking on a pea with first aid skills learnt at summer camp. Her airway was blocked and after attempting back blows which didn’t work he moved onto using the Heimlich manoeuvre which forced her to cough out the pea. “If I hadn’t learnt that on Monday, I wouldn’t have a mummy” said Kayne. Read more about this story here. If you are interested in learning first aid with your chid we host Parents First Aid courses at our Leyland venue on a regular basis where you can bring your children along to learn more and get involved. Alternately you can host one of our Parents First Aid courses at your venue, or we offer Student First Aid courses or First Aid presentations.

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Centaur Training Services include First Aid Courses in the North West of the UK. We provide Health and Safety courses.