Centaur Training Services include First Aid Courses in the North West of the UK. We provide Health and Safety courses. About Centaur Training | Centaur Training Services


Centaur Training Services was founded in 2003. Since then, we have become one of the UK’s leading training providers and continue to grow as a business in many different ways.

We pride ourselves on the excellent training provided and the wide range of skills which we are able to bring to each and every one of our courses.

Our main aim is to provide individuals and businesses with high quality training which gives them vital knowledge which is transferred back into the workplace. Whether you are looking to refresh your skills or expand your knowledge, we will have the perfect course for you.

We currently have many first aid training courses available throughout the North West in Blackpool, Bury and Wigan so you can keep your travel times to a minimum.

Centaur Training Services has always maintained a professional, reliable and honest approach to training courses, which has gained us a fantastic reputation within the local community. Through this continued work, our reputation has expanded to include larger organisations and companies throughout the UK and Europe.

The working ethos at Centaur Training is to provide a quality service to the heart of everything we do. All training courses which are provided by Centaur are of the highest quality, with trainers who are currently operational across the NHS, Emergency Services and the Armed Forces. We strive to ensure that companies have the most effortless, yet dynamic experience throughout from the initial enquiry through to certification.

Our pride in our offering is reflected through our bespoke and effective training services to give complete satisfaction throughout.

Because many of our trainers come from military, emergency service and healthcare backgrounds, you can be sure that the knowledge gained is relevant, up to date and valuable to you. Each trainer within Centaur brings an extra level to the training courses through real life experience and exceptional training techniques. This dynamic method of teaching is delivered in an enjoyable, yet professional manner in an attempt to make learning fun.

Our range of open and bespoke short courses covers various areas, including First Aid Training, Paediatric First Aid Training, Automated External Defibrillators, and many more. For a full range of the courses available, visit our courses page here. Centaur Training Services are constantly developing new training programmes which strive to deliver exceptional training results.

If you would like further information about any of the courses that we have on offer, please call 01772 433080 or get in touch with us via email on info@centaurtraining.co.uk.

Centaur Training Services include First Aid Courses in the North West of the UK. We provide Health and Safety courses.