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A strategic response to Tackling the threat of knife crime

The incidence of knife crime, may not be as prevalent as the media would have us believe, but nor can we be deliberately indifferent to the likelihood of its occurrence!

If you can predict with certainty, when you or someone within your organisation is going to be confronted by an incident of this nature, where the incident is going to take place and how you or some other person will be affected, there is no need for you to read any further!

Unfortunately, the reality is, no one knows the answers to the statements posed; but why would you want to wait to find out, before taking proactive steps to reduce the risk?

The harm caused by just one knife crime event is often catastrophic, not only for the victim(s), but those who are connected either personally or more broadly via organisations and communities.

Due diligence and good governance, are key components of an organisation, when it comes to the safety and security of its employees. As an organisation you may not be responsible for the actions of others, but you may be held accountable if you fail to maintain adequate duty of care!

So the question is this: How far are you prepared to go, and what are you prepared to do to tackle the threat of knife crime?

Are you confident that you have the systems and processes in place, within your organisation, to combat a threat of this nature, and reduce the associated risks and harm that undermine the very fabric of our society?

Our behaviourally based programme ‘Tackling The Threat Of Knife Crime’, explores this phenomena from an evidenced based perspective, and poses a number of thought provoking questions for participants to challenge their understanding. It establishes what knife crime is, and how, why and where it may manifest.

This seminar will also include an hour covering our Anxiety + Stress & Depression + Suicide workshops.

The programme outlines what works, whilst also providing and utilising our 4 P’s framework, to strategically and tactically respond :

Prepare and Understand
Prevent and Involve
Protect and Educate
Pursue in Partnership

Uniquely, it also proposes a behavioural based response, to an actual knife crime event , providing participants with a toolkit that has been medically and legally reviewed, to enhance their own personal safety, and the safety of those around them.

The programme has been developed by highly credible, skilled practitioners, who have many years of experience within the Justice Sector, and wish to share their insight, knowledge and understanding of this particular subject matter.

They also provide ‘Rapid Organisational Reviews’ with rigorous standards, conducted over a period of days. Offering a complete assessment framework, to identify any performance gaps, that may undermine readiness and structural integrity, to respond to incidents of this nature.

If you are interested in the above, and you want to learn more; take the opportunity to sign up for a FREE taster session, being held on Friday 12th July 2019. For more information contact Centaur Training, Leyland.


Centaur Training Services include First Aid Courses in the North West of the UK. We provide Health and Safety courses.