Courses Held at Centaur

Developing Foundations, Promoting and Implementing Mental Health and Wellbeing for Children and Young People

Suitable for anyone working with Children, or who wants to increase their awareness of Mental Health and how to support and manage it in the workp...

£125 + VAT

Module A1 – Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • You will know how to apply your legal and professional obligations regarding the laws, Guidance and expectations of regulatory bodies in relation to Mental Health and wellbeing.
  • Undertake an evaluation process to identify the suitability of your organisation’s existing wellbeing strategies.
  • Understanding the 5 ways to wellbeing theory and explore how this theory can be applied at a personal/departmental level in your organisation.
  • Understand the 4 stages of behaviour how these stages apply to individuals and develop dedicated strategies to manage behaviour.
  • Introduce a Mental Health and Wellbeing Development plan for your setting.

Module A2 – Building strong foundations using the step model of care

  • Identify vulnerbale groups within your organisation that have a higher risk of developing poor mental health.
  • Recognise the early signs and symptoms of a child or young person developing poor mental health.
  • Know how your organisation can help vulnerable groups understand the application of the Step Model of Care within your organisation.
  • Produce and implement a wellbeing action plan to support individuals/groups with symptoms of poor health.
  • Explore ideas and supporting activities to promote mental health and wellbeing at level 1 of the Step Model for your organisation’s setting Continue the Mental Health and Wellbeing Development Plan.

Module A3 – Creating a Mental Health and Wellbeing Development Plan

  • How to use Wellbeing strategies to inspire good mental health across your organisation.
  • Implementing a staff wellbeing action plan understand the methodology to complete the 7 steps of a Wellbeing action plan.
  • Priorities and Targets.
  • Action required.
  • Resources required.
  • Who will be leading.
  • What success will look like.
  • Time frame.
  • Evaluation.

Awarding Body – FAIB

Course Duration – 1 day (9:30 – 16:00)