First Aid Kits

Child Paediatric First Aid Kit

£22.5 + VAT

This kit is designed with the safety of children in mind and the contents reflect this. It can be used to address many injuries that may occur in the workplace or at home and all for a reasonable price! The contents are designed to prevent injury and promote recovery specifically with children in mind, but the contents can also be used for adults making this the perfect kit for everyone who deals with children on a regular basis.

Contents include:

6 Cleansing Wipes
2 Eye Pad Dressings
1 Finger Tubular Bandage 1m, with applicator
2 Gloves (Pairs)
1 Guidance Leaflet
2 HSE Large Dressings 18cm x 18cm
6 HSE Medium Dressings 12cm x 12cm
1 Microporous Tape 1.25cm x 10m
5 Non-adherent Dressings 5cm x 5cm
20 Plasters, Washproof Assorted
5 Gauze Swabs 7.5cm x 7.5cm
1 Resuscitation Device
6 Safety Pins Assorted
1 Scissors
4 Triangular Bandage.