Level 2 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work for Drivers (CPC) Course

Designed for those who work in the driving industry and require a first aid qualification to meet CPC requirements

1 Day
£75 + VAT


This course is designed for those who are professionals within the driving industry and require a first aid qualification to meet the Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC) requirements in addition to providing knowledge and skills to operate in different and challenging environments. It differs from other Emergency First Aid at Work courses as it goes into detail about road traffic incidents within managing an incident.

Course Contents

Upon completion of this course you will:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of a First Aider.
  • Assess and manage an incident
  • Manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally and a casualty who is not breathing normally.
  • Recognize and assist a casualty who is chocking.
  • Provide resuscitation and prompt, safe and effective CPR.
  • Manage a casualty with external bleeding, who is in shock or has a minor injury.

After training is complete, qualification details are uploaded to the DSA database within five working days at no additional cost.

Course Aims

To provide delegates with the knowledge and skill needed to undertake the role of an emergency first aider in the driving industry.

 Who Needs this Qualification?

This course is for anyone who requires a first aid qualification for working in the driving industry. There are no previous first aid qualifications required to undertake this course but all participants need to be at least 17 years of age upon completion of the course. The qualification is valid for three years at which time the course must be undertaken again in order for the learner to maintain qualification. All drivers need to complete 35 hours training every five years following their acquired rights of Initial Qualification. This course counts as 7 hours of the required 35 hours training or as the certificate is only valid for 3 years drivers can re-qualify within the same 5 year JAUPT period and training hours will count separately totalling 14 hours of training. All learners must prove their identity with photo ID and along with the right entitlement on their driving licence before starting the course. There must be a minimum of 8 people up to a maximum of 12 for this course to run. Please contact us to book this course on 01772 433080 or email us at info@centaurtraining.co.uk to make an enquiry.

Extra Information

The drivers CPC qualification is 7 hours, however Centaur is offering to run an extra 1 hour top up course for no additional fee to include the HSE standard Emergency First Aid at Work course. The course will therefore run from 8am-5pm making it an 8 hour course with 1 hour for lunch. Alternately you can finish at 4pm if you do not want to attend the free 1 hour top up course. This course is accredited by the Association of First Aiders (AoFA) and approved by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT).