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First Aid and Fire Safety Presentation

This presentation covers the basics of first aid and fire safety in a concise two hour session suitable for assembly’s or other large groups

2 Hours
£285 + VAT


All our trainers providing this course have backgrounds in either the NHS or the fire service with real first had experience in emergency situations, which makes them perfect for speaking to young people about first aid and fire safety. The course covers many basic procedures, giving students the knowledge and confidence to act in an emergency situation. At the end of the session there will be a ten minute question and answer section where staff and pupils alike can ask any questions they may have, and who better to answer these questions than someone who has years of experience and training. Basic knowledge of first aid can help in school and at home and can make students and staff feel safer knowing they have the foresight to prevent situations arising, and the confidence to act if they do. This is a one hour course ideal for school assembly times to give children and staff a greater understanding of basic first aid and fire safety that everyone should be aware of. It can be given in primary schools, secondary schools, sixth forms, collages, universities, activity clubs and more.

The course will be split into three sections:

  • First aid presentation covering basic first aid procedure such as CPR, the recovery position and choking. It will also cover what to do if a child finds themselves in an emergency situation.
  • Fire safety presentation covering fire prevention, fire extinguishers, exiting the premises quickly and safely and fireworks safety.
  • Question and answer session where any students and teachers can ask questions on issues that have been covered in the presentation or any other first aid/fire safety related subject.

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