i-PAD Saver AED (NF1200) Semi-Automatic

The long trusted i-PAD Saver from CU Medical is a semi-automatic defibrillator that has been designed specifically for public usage.

£995 + VAT

This AED’s clear visual and verbal prompts guide the user through the entire rescue operation to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The price includes training for up to 6 staff. Features include:

  • Easy to use and transport with integrated carry handle and lid.
  • Self-checking- automatically checks for faults and errors within the AED
  • Robust design with an IP rating of 54
  • 5 year standby battery life with a 4 year battery warranty
  • Built in metronome and CPR prompts
  • Dedicated technical support available
  • CE Marked and FDA Approved
  • AED Unit comes complete with 7 year warranty
  • Paediatric pads also available

Items included as standard:

  • An i-PAD Saver AED
  • A set of adult electrode pads
  • A disposable, non-rechargeable battery
  • An i-PAD Saver operator manual