Level 1 Food Safety

The Level 1 Food Safety course gives learners an understanding of food safety throughout the food handling chain.

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Programme Outline

Food safety is the responsibility of everyone throughout the chain of food handling. This includes storage, preparation, cooking service and the handling of food in general. The subjects covered are regarded by the Foods Standards Agency as being important to ensure good practice throughout the production of safe food.


The aim of the Level 1 Food Safety course is to increase the knowledge and understanding of food safety within the individual’s workplace role.

Level 1 Food Safety Course


Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee will be able to identify and describe:

  • The terms food safety, contamination, food poisoning, HACCP, hazard and safe food
  • Four common types of food hazard & state the cause of food poisoning
  • Food poisoning characteristics and symptoms & those people most at risk from food poisoning
  • The benefits of good food safety and the costs of poor food safety
  • The responsibilities of food handlers regarding food safety, including their legal responsibilities
  • The need to follow instructions and to report incidents which expos food safety risk
  • The four different types of food, i.e. high risk, raw food to be cooked, ready to eat, raw and low risk foods
  • The ways in which the multiplication of food poisoning bacteria in food can be prevented during the preparation, storage and service of food
  • The risks to food safety from food hazards and contamination
  • How cross contamination can be controlled and foods poisoning prevented
  • The common sources and control measures for physical, chemical and allergenic hazards
  • The importance of good personal hygiene & the risks from poor personal hygiene and how these may be controlled
  • When and how the hands should be washed & the washing facilities required for hand washing
  • The importance of protective clothing, and the rules for wearing protective clothing
  • The requirements for food handlers to report illnesses and conditions such as skin infections
  • How to deal with cuts and injuries
  • How waste and unfit food should be stored and disposed of, both internally and externally
  • The importance of controlling food pests & the food handler’s role in preventing pests

Who is the programme for?

The Level 1 Food safety course is designed for those who prepare of serve food. Food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved throughout the chain. For the storage, preparation, cooking and handling of food, food safety is needed. This programme is accredited by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC). To find out more please visit our accreditations page.

There must be a minimum of 10 people for this course to run. Contact us on 01772 433080 or via email at info@centaurtraining.co.uk to book.