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Life Story Work

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Life story work for foster carers

Programme outline – This course is an introduction to Foster Carers and will explain the importance of collecting and collating memories for children who are looked after.

Programme Duration –  Introduction course 2 hours, More in depth course full day

Aims and Objectives

Aim: For Foster Carer’s to understand the importance of life story work for children looked after, and its emotional impact on children and those supporting them

Objectives: For Foster Carer’s to understand the what, why, when and who of life story work;

  • What is it?
  • Why is it important?
  • When do we need to do it?
  • Who is involved in it?
  • Understand the different styles of memory books and what may suit different ages
  • Apply a holistic approach to life story work being done with the child/young person rather than for or to them
  • Team work approach
  • Support