Manual Handling (Add on Course)

The Manual Handling course increases your knowledge and understanding of safe handling procedures, regulations and legislation.

£120 + VAT


Programme Outline

This course gives an increased knowledge and understanding of the reasons and necessity for safe handling procedures, regulations and legislation. It also covers the need for manual handling risk assessment and how this relates to improving health & safety. The course also identifies the principles, types of equipment and testing associated with manual handling safety. This ensures the safety of staff and clients alike and shows how these safe handling principles can be put into everyday practice.


The aim of the Manual Handling course is to increase the student’s knowledge & understanding of manual handling procedures within their workplace role. The course also lessens the risk of injury to self and service users.

Manual Handling Health and Safety Training Course


Students will have an understanding of:

  • The reasons for safe manual handling in their everyday practice
  • The importance of risk assessments and the significance in improving health and safety
  • The principles associated with safe manual handling in their workplace I.E. the spine, back injuries and the principles of back care
  • Individual equipment available to staff and safe usage
  • Types of equipment and testing requirements related to manual handling safety
  • Safe and efficient manual handling techniques

The course allows students to apply safe handling principles to enhance their everyday working practice.

Add on/Bespoke Course

This course can be added onto any of our other courses or selected as a part of a bespoke course, tailor made to suit the needs of your establishment. The course can be any length depending on what you require but we recommend it as a 1 hour course. For a price as an add on or as part of a bespoke course please contact us on 01772 433080 or email us at info@centaurtraining.co.uk stating your requirements.