Courses Held at Centaur

Medication Awareness/Administration

£65 + VAT

Programme Outline

The medication awareness administration training courses will cover Legislation aspects of medication and local Policies and Procedures. The different classifications, and common types of medication. The importance of good, clear record keeping and maintaining medication records. The collection, storage and safe disposal of medication. The principles of safe handling of medication. The programme also identifies and demonstrates the safe administering of medication. The correct procedures for reporting mistakes and the need for monitoring service users for any side effects.

Programme Duration – 1/2 day (9:30 – 12:30)

Aims and Objectives: To increase the student’s knowledge & understanding allowing them to safely administer medication to service users within the legal framework, policy and procedures of their workplace.

Objectives: Students will be able to Identify & describe;

  • The Legislation around the medication in their workplace,
  • The classification of Medication
  • The types of Medication
  • The importance and need to maintain accurate medication records
  • The safe collection, storage and disposal of Medication
  • The principles of safe Medication handling
  • The Value of Supporting Self Administration
  • The correct administering of Medication
  • The need and correct procedures for reporting mistakes
  • The importance of recognising side effects and reporting changes to the individual service users