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Generic Moving and Handling

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Programme Outline

This course gives an increased knowledge and understanding of the reasons for safe manual handling procedures, Regulations and Legislation, the need for Manual Handling risk assessments and how they relate to improving health & safety. It also identifies the principles, types of equipment and testing associated with manual handing safety to ensure the safety of staff and clients alike and shows how these safe manual handling principles can be put into everyday practice. Students will be able to apply safe manual handling principles to enhance their every day working practice. Programme Duration – Half day (13:00 – 16:00)

Aims and Objectives

Aims: To increase the students’ knowledge & understanding of manual handling procedures within their workplace role and to lessen the risk of injury to themselves and service users. Objectives: Students will be able to Identify & describe;

  • The reasons for safe manual handling in their every day practice
  • The importance of Risk Assessments and the significance in improving health and safety
  • The principles associated with safe manual handling in their workplace i.e the spine, Back injuries and the principles of back care.
  • Individual equipment available to staff and safe usage
  • Types of equipment and testing requirements related to manual handling safety
  • Safe and efficient Manual Handling Techniques