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Parents First Aid Awareness Course

This course allows trainees to easily overcome any difficulties that arise with the health of young children.

3 Hours
£35 + VAT


Programme Outline

Our Parents First Aid Awareness course will prepare you for medical situations with your children and show you the most effective way to treat them. You will be taught how to respond to both minor and life-threatening injuries, including if your child burns themselves, suffers a head injury or chokes. We have an opportunity after the class for parents to enquire about medical conditions which are appropriate to them and their families such as anaphylaxis, asthma and epilepsy.


To provide parents with a greater understanding of common medical situations and how to treat children in these situations. Parents First Aid Awareness Training Course


Having successfully completed our parent’s awareness course, you will be able to:

  • Provide essential first aid to young children including the recovery position and CPR.
  • Assess medical situations quickly and safely
  • Appropriately treat injuries and conditions including burns, breaks, scalds, choking and head injuries.

Who is the programme for?

First aid training is crucial for every parent, no matter the age of your child. The skills learnt on this course could help to save your child’s life, which is why every parent should complete this first aid session. There must be a minimum of 8 people for this course to run and the course can be held as a stand alone course or in conjunction with another. Contact us on 01772 433080 or via email at to make an enquiry or to book.