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Parents First Aid Awareness

This course covers difficulties that arise with the health of young children. 3 hour course (9:00am – 12pm)

£35 + VAT

Programme Outline

Our Parent First Aid Awareness Training Course will help you to prepare for medical situations involving your children and show you the best way to treat them. You will learn how to respond to both minor and life-threatening injuries, including if your child chokes, suffers a head injury or burns themselves. We also offer an opportunity at the end of the session for parents to enquire about medical conditions which may be appropriate to them and their family such as asthma, anaphylaxis and epilepsy.


To give parents a better understanding of medical situations that could occur and the best way to treat children in these situations. Parents First Aid Awareness Training Course


Following the successful completion of our parent’s awareness sessions, you will be able to:

  • Assess medical situations quickly and safely
  • Deliver essential first aid to young children including CPR and recovery position.
  • Appropriately treat conditions and injuries such as burns, breaks, scalds, choking and head injuries.

Who is the programme for?

Our first aid training course is essential for every parent, no matter how old your child is. The skills that you learn in this course could help to save your child’s life, which is why every parent should take the time to complete the first aid class. This course runs from 1pm – 4pm and is accredited by FAIB but can be accredited by Qualsafe awards for a small extra fee depending on your needs. Please let us know if you want it to be accredited by Qualsafe when booking.

First Aid – What do I need

It is recommended that employers conduct a new risk assessment regularly so that they select the most appropriate course and number of first aiders for their business. This involves consideration of a number of factors including hazards and risks in your workplace, number of employees, accident history, lone workers and distribution of workforce.

If you are unsure of what first aid provisions you require, please click the link below to complete our requirements calculator. It uses up-to-date HSE recommendations to find the right course for you, quickly and easily.

First Aid Requirements Calculator