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Senior Mental Health Lead Training

A whole school, or college, approach for protecting and promoting mental health and wellbeing

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Ensure Pupil Mental Health and Wellbeing is in the ‘DNA’ of your setting

All schools are being encouraged to have a Senior Mental Health Lead, whether you are a beginner or are wanting to ensure you have a robust whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing in your school or college then our programme is for you.

What does the programme cover?

Unlike other courses, this programme covers ALL of the 8 principles outlined in the PHE’s Promoting Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing. It will enable Senior Mental Health Leads to create their own whole school Mental Health and Wellbeing Development Plan covering:

Leadership and management
Identifying need and monitoring impact of interventions
Targeted support and appropriate referrals
Staff development
Creating an ethos and environment
Enabling the student voice
Working with parents, families and carers
Curriculum, teaching and learning

This course considers behaviour, child safety and mental health. It provides templates, plans and reviewing systems, as well as ideas to create strong foundations for mental health and wellbeing, which can be implemented into your setting to support the improvement of behaviour, attendance, attainment and social and emotional outcomes.

We encourage ‘Wellbeing Action Planning’ to raise students’ voice, increase awareness of their needs and the actions that they can take to positively impact their own wellbeing.
We educate Leads to spot signs and symptoms of mental ill-health, those groups that may be more at risk, and what interventions, signposting, and resources they can put in place as part of a student’s Mental Health Action Plan, as well as procedures for effective referrals.

Through evaluation, training, and coaching support, this package identifies the whole school priorities and develops strategic and operational approaches to address those needs. It establishes how to build on existing provision, implement new systems and measure their impact to successfully meet the core outcomes in the Mental Health Green Paper (2017).

Developed with our partners and delivered nationally by

Head Teachers and Teachers

Qualified Educationalists

Behaviour Specialists

Strategy and Change Experts

Mental Health Professionals

Experienced Coaches & Mentors

How is it delivered?

We help you to develop the key knowledge, skills, and behaviours, whether or not you have worked in a senior role before

12 Hours ‘Live’ Accredited Training (face to face or online)
+ 2 Hours One-To-One Coaching
+ 6 Hours Group Coaching and Peer Networking

Delegates will complete the school evaluation and benchmarking, the development plan, and twelve hours of training within the first half-term to gain the award of Child and Young Person’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Ambassador – Accredited by FAIB (First Aid Industry Body).

There will be eight hours of additional coaching and mentoring throughout the remainder of the academic year to support the change process, peer networking, and the successful implementation of the development plan.
Additional bolt-on CPD levels can be purchased at a later date to accelerate you and your school through to an advanced level.

What schools is our training suitable for?

Our Programme is suitable for Primary, Secondary, Middle deemed primary, or secondary, Special schools, Alternative Provisions and Colleges (Sixth Form and Further Education).

Why choose us?

Create and embed a whole school approach to mentalhealth and wellbeing into the’DNA’ of your setting
Robust Mental health and wellbeing development planning and support
Improvement attendance, behaviour, attainment and success of referrals
Support for staff wellbeing to aid retention
Improvement in pupil social and emotional outcomes
Develop robust peer networks and best practice