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Students First Aid

This course teaches first aid to students at schools for either children or teenagers over the age of 8 and can be part of a class or assembly.

£275 + VAT


This course is tailored to meet your specific requirements and can be run as a class at a school or club. The course can be run in a morning or afternoon or throughout the entire date at your establishment depending on your needs and covers first aid topics that everyone above the age of 8 should be aware of.

The course covers first aid procedures including CPR, the recovery position, chocking, bleeds and signs of common ailments. It also highlights what a young person should do if an emergency arises and what to expect if they contact 999 or other emergency lines. It can also cover basic fire safety procedure including using extinguishers, exiting buildings safely and swiftly and firework safety but this must be specified when booking. Some of these subjects can be covered in more depth depending on your need, for example we can go into detail about fire works and fire safety around occasions such as bonfire night when it is most relevant.

Overall the course is highly flexible dependant on your needs. It aims to give all students the basic knowledge and confidence needed to deal with an emergency situation when it arises, wether it be with a sibling, parent or stranger. The course will cover many common issues that can arise in the home or at school.

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