Zero Tolerance and Security (Add on Course)

This course creates a pro security culture amongst staff and gives a greater understanding of security breaches and zero tolerance.

£120 + VAT


The zero tolerance and security course is designed for keeping staff and customers safe within their working environment, minimizing risk and highlighting security issues.

Course Objectives

  • To create a pro security culture amongst staff/professionals/public.
  • Understanding security breach within the workplace.
  • Take actions on a security breach.
  • Give a basic understanding of zero tolerance.

At the end of this course students will have a greater understanding of security and zero tolerance. This course will cover topics including:

  • Bomb threats and what to do if you have a bomb scare.
  • Staying alert and vigilant.
  • Lone worker policy, including responsibilities, risk and risk management.
  • Security issues such as equipment and children.

Add on/Bespoke Course

This course can be added onto any of our other courses or selected as a part of a bespoke course, tailor made to suit the needs of your establishment. The course can be any length depending on what you require but we recommend it as a 1 hour course. For a price as an add on or as part of a bespoke course please contact us on 01772 433080 or email us at info@centaurtraining.co.uk stating your requirements.