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Paediatric First Aid Training

First aid treatment for children is different to adults and therefore you need specific training to administer first aid to young children. Our Level 3 Early Years Paediatric First Aid Training Course is designed for those who work regularly with children and need to ensure they can act safely and effectively in an emergency.

Here at Centaur Training, we have four different ways to complete the Level 3 Early Years Paediatric First Aid course; courses held in Leyland on dates during the week or on Saturday find the course page here, courses held in Leyland spanning four days during the month on evenings from 6-9 pm on our evening course page and courses that can be held at a time and place to suit your needs which can be found here.

Programme Outline

Our Level 3 Early Years Paediatric First Aid Course has been specifically designed for those who regularly work with children. The 12 hour course will cover many different areas of first aid for both babies and children, including both life-threatening and minor injuries. It is structured so that each student gets the opportunity to practice life-saving skills with other students in a fun and friendly environment. This will ensure that they are fully prepared for any medical situations when they return to work. The course covers the requirements set out by the Department for Education in Early Years Foundation Stage – Every Child Matters. The trainer will assess your progress over the 2 days, which means that you don’t have to sit an examination at the end of the course. Delegates will receive a certificate which is then valid for 3 years when they successfully complete this course.


To prepare the student for any medical situations involving young children, whether it is a minor, severe or life-threatening emergency.


Once the student has successfully completed this course, they will be able to:

  • Explain the role of a paediatric first aider
  • Assess a medical situation quickly
  • Treat an infant or child who is suffering from breathing problems, head injuries, anaphylaxis, shock, insect stings, spinal injuries and chronic medical conditions.
  • Deliver first aid to a child that is too hot or cold, unresponsive, choking or bleeding. You will also be able to treat a patient who has been poisoned, electrocuted or burnt.
  • Complete injury, sickness and emergency records in line with their company’s safety procedures.

Who is the programme for?

The government announced that all newly qualified childcare staff will be required to complete a compulsory paediatric first aid course. This means that if you work in a nursery, pre-school, after school club, reception or primary school, you will need to have this certification. This training course is essential for anyone who has the responsibility of looking after children, so if this applies to you, please think about booking today.

If you also work in a nursery the newly introduced Millie’s Mark will set you apart from competitors. Being classed as the ‘gold standard’ in paediatric first aid Millie’s Mark encourages nurseries to get all their staff trained so that every staff member knows how to respond promptly and appropriately if they see a child in a medical emergency. Once all staff have the qualification the nursery can apply for the mark to set themselves apart from others and give parents the confidence needed to leave their child in safely qualified hands. Centaur is a registered training provider and therefore can give the required training and certification needed for Millie’s Mark. To find out more about Millie’s Mark please click here.

This course is accredited by The First Aid Industry Body. The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB), a Trade Body (an acceptable option for Employers to choose as per HSE Information Sheet and DforE EYFS Guidelines) checks every registered Training Provider to ensure that they will always meet the standards that settings need to satisfy their Legal Requirements for First Aid provision as required by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and Ofsted.


Visit our website to book your place on this course, call us on 01772 433080 or email info@centaurtraining.co.uk for more information.

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Centaur Training Services include First Aid Courses in the North West of the UK. We provide Health and Safety courses.